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The body has the knowledge of how to heal any problem!

The secret to a healthy and happy life is finding the right balance suited for you. When the balance is violated, our wonderful body signals us.

My Therapies

Pain is the natural way of the body in which it informs us about the existence of some problem in a certain place in the body. The signal is a message we receive and we must respond accordingly. Although we have received the message the body sometimes continues to send it and we need to respond with a physical action on the body in order to release the area and reduce or eliminate the feeling of pain.

The variety of therapies allows locating the source of the problem in the physical aspect, significantly reduce pressure and pain and increasing blood flow to the treated area. These tools also allow observation on the mental aspect by locating the source of the problem, dealing with it, and its complete releasing it from the body.

The broad knowledge allows the selection of the most appropriate therapeutic tool for the patient and there may be a change between the various treatments depending on the patient’s condition and his physical and emotional progress.

The pain can come from a wide variety of events such as:

  1. Chronic problem in the body
  2. Sports or other injuries
  3. Incorrect work
  4. Physical / mental stress

My goal is that together we will plan an exit strategy from the first day in which we mark the goal of the treatment and how the condition of the body can be improved and maintained over time. The process requires cooperation on the part of the patient and can include behavior change, thinking, habits, and routine preventative actions.

Remember that everything that happens passes and tomorrow is a new day.

Medical Massage Therapy

Medical Massage Therapy

Our body is an amazing machine, but sometimes energy blockages are created in it, due to improper use or as a result of physical or emotional harm. As a result of these blockages, the fascia, which covers the inner part of organs, muscles, nerves and blood vessels, tends to stick and pressure points are created (also called trigger points) that disrupt the supply of oxygen, vitamins, toxins and waste removal. In these places a feeling of pain may form. The medical massage allows deep work on pressure points and sensitive areas which encourages the release of these blockages, improves blood circulation, improves range of motion and flexibility, and significantly reduces regional or local pain. The treatment is suitable for a variety of problems such as chronic muscle pain or as a result of injury or strenuous training, strengthening and flexibility of the muscle, pain resulting from various physiological problems, muscle or tendon infections, problems and limitations in movement and mental stress. This type of treatment allows for a reduction in pressure and a significant reduction in pain from the first treatment and puts the body in a state of self-healing work.

Western Acupuncture

Western Medical Acupuncture

Western acupuncture (dry acupuncture) is a relatively new and very effective technique for treating muscle aches, chronic pain and rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries. It combines information from Western medicine including anatomy, physiology and neurophysiology. Daily activities such as prolonged sitting, strenuous work and lack of sleep can add to the level of pain and aggravate the condition. As a result, the fascia tissue, which covers the inner part of organs, muscles, nerves and blood vessels, tends to become infected so that blockages and pressure points (also called trigger points) are created and disrupt the supply of oxygen, vitamins, toxins and waste. In these places a feeling of pain may form. The acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine and is similar to Chinese acupuncture only in the type of needles. In Chinese acupuncture the work is done on the meridian points in the body and in Western acupuncture the work is on the pressure points and pain pathways. The action improves blood circulation and awakens the body to heal and rebuild muscle tissue in the problematic area, is beneficial in reducing pain and improves range of motion. The days following the treatment you can feel your body working in the treated areas. The response to treatment is rapid and noticeable results can be seen even after a single treatment or a small number of treatments.

Transformational Breathwork

Transformational Breathwork

Breathing is an automatic process in our body, maybe that's why we tend to take it for granted and give it less attention and low importance when we want to take care of ourselves. Our breathing rate changes during the day according to our internal state and our response to external situations. In situations of stress, panic, joy or sadness, our breathing will change significantly and affect the conduct of the entire body. Transformational Breathwork allows the use of a wide variety of tools and practices suitable for every person, regardless of their personal or health condition. It enables the training and strengthening of the respiratory muscles, especially the diaphragm, releasing traumas and fears that we keep from the past, balancing the body and the nervous system. An important part of the work is the practice of Transformational Breathwork, it is the return of the breath to normal function and assistance in the release of various experiences. In addition, due to a lack of regular practice, the diaphragm muscle is damaged in both its strength and elasticity. One of the well-known and effective practices is the practice of Transformational Breathwork that helps strengthen the respiratory system. A combination of correct daily breathing while working in depth with transformative breathing can change patterns of behaviour and thinking and put the body into a deep process of self-healing. Breathing is a self-healing process when the power is in the hands of the patient.



Reiki is an alternative treatment method performed on the energetic level of the physical body by touch or without. Reiki is an ancient treatment method that uses the universal life energy, which is abundant in the universe, to help the patient and his body wake up and enter a state of increased healing. The treatment enhances an energetic balance state in the body, which is also reflected on the physical balance because of the strong connection between the body and the mind. The treatment helps with the physical aspect of problems such as pain, blood pressure, attention and concentration, and with the mental aspect of the body such as a felling of relaxation and calmness, lowering stress and tension, anxieties and fears. Reiki allows for treatment of the root the problem and not just its physical realization and allows the patient to make many changes such as changing habits, social behaviors, way of thinking and more. Working on this level encourages the person to higher self-awareness and drives the patient towards personal growth. The therapeutic power of Reiki is in all of us and everyone can practice it’s use. The process requires practice that strengthens and empowers our personal abilities.

Transformational Breathwork

Rebirthing / Reversing

One of the automatic and natural processes in our life is breathing. For most of us it is an obvious process and we usually give it less attention and importance for our breathing in the healing process. Combining proper daily breathing while applying Reversing (Rebirthing) sessions can change patterns of behaviour and thinking and put the body into a deep process of self-healing. Although breathing is an automatic process in our body, it is possible to take command over it by using awareness and practice various breathing techniques. An important part of the work is practicing conscious breathing which is a process that restores our breathing to its normal functioning and helps in releasing different experiences. In addition, due to a lack of regular exercise, the diaphragm muscle is impaired in its strength and its elastic abilities. One of the well-known and effective exercises is a circular breathing practice called reversing. Reversing is a practice of deep breathing at a rapid pace that creates a sequence of breathing and movement between inhalation and exhalation. Practice time ranges from 20 minutes to an hour, sometimes even longer, depending on the condition and the patient's abilities. Combining daily breathing exercises while working deeply with circular breathing can change patterns and return our body into a deep process of self-healing. Circular breathing is a self-healing process where the power is in the patient's hands.

Sleeping Pillows Adjustment

Sleeping Pillows Adjustment

In order for us to get the most out of our sleep and also enjoy the process we must provide the body and especially the spine with the best supportive posture according to our sleeping posture and body needs. Together we will take into consideration each of the patient's sleeping preferences such as sleeping position on the back, side or abdomen, pillow softness, Pillow height and proper posture and support for the spine. The recommended pillows are from Hollandia company, which specializes in quality sleeping solutions, filled with Tempur flakes technology, which provides maximum ventilation and flexibility and a comfortable feeling of sleep. The pillows usually come with a separate washable cover. Adjusting our pillow according to our sleeping habits is very important for the body's recovery and rest, if provided with all the necessary environmental conditions.

Leading breathwork workshops

Breath of Heart

Breathing is an action that affects the physical and emotional aspects of the body. I invite you to experiment and experience the world of breathing where we will receive tools for daily breathing practice, experience transformative breathing and liberation meditation.

Leading change processes

New Beginning Seminar

An accelerated process to release fear and pain from life and create a renewal of the body and mind. We will learn and practice a number of tools that will help regain control over life, body and breathing. We will learn how to take responsibility for every detail in our lives and train the body to work correctly and properly with the help of advanced breathing exercises. We will find out how we can navigate ourselves in the right way for us in the sea of information.

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