Sleeping pillow adjustment

In order for us to get the most out of our sleep and also enjoy the process we must provide the body and especially the spine with the best supportive posture according to our sleeping posture and body needs.

Together we will take into consideration each of the patient’s sleeping preferences such as sleeping position on the back, side or abdomen, pillow softness, Pillow height and proper posture and support for the spine.

The recommended pillows are from Hollandia company, which specializes in quality sleeping solutions, filled with Tempur flakes technology, which provides maximum ventilation and flexibility and a comfortable feeling of sleep.

The pillows usually come with a separate washable cover.

Adjusting our pillow according to our sleeping habits is very important for the body’s recovery and rest, if provided with all the necessary environmental conditions.

If necessary, a pillow will be suited for each patient at no additional cost.

Pillows from the Hollandia website:

Tempur Ombracio
Tempur Sonata
Tempur Symphony
Tempur Hug

What are the important parameters when choosing a sleeping pillow?

  1. Comfort – The pillow must be comfortable for the user. Comfort must be a determining parameter.
  2. Sleeping position – Everyone is used to sleeping differently, on their back, stomach or side. Each pose requires a suitable pillow that supports that pose.
  3. Body structure – The role of the pillow is to provide support for the neck and fill the gap between the body and the pillow. Each of us has a different physique in terms of fun shoulders, neck, body weight and more and the pillow should fit and support the individual structure.
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