Conscious Breathing Workshops

Breath of Heart

Familiarity and experience with the world of conscious breathing

Breath of heart workshop

Enlighten Breath of Heart

4  sessions of experiential and in-depth study of Breathwork and consciousness

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A little taste of the world of 
conscious breathing, Fridays at sea

Group Workshops

Group meetings for introduction to the world of breathing


Breathing is a magical, simple and so necessary action for the existence of our body, in which we collect oxygen from our environment and release carbon dioxide from the body. By virtue of being an automatic and natural action of the body, breathing does not require us to pay attention or effort, but unlike other automatic actions like digestion, it can be controlled and change patterns of action through awareness and practice.

Simple daily breathing exercises can completely change the way we breathe and as a result create a radical change in the way the body functions, strengthens itself and copes with life experiences.

There is a wide range of evidence that proper breathing affects our mental and physical state, coping with stress and anxiety, and a marked improvement in a variety of problems in the day-to-day functioning of the body.

The vast knowledge inherent in breathing has been known to man throughout history for many years. Ancient cultures can see the enormous importance they have given to the effect of the breathing process on the body and the use of this amazing and simple tool.

Conscious breathing

Reversing, also known as circular breathing and rebirthing, is an alternative therapy technique that uses the body’s natural ability to breathe and treats both the physical and emotional aspects. During the practice, a breathing sequence is created between inhalation and exhalation. The practice helps in accepting and releasing negative experiences and fears accumulated in the body during our lives, inspires calm and serenity and allows us to restore communication with the body and mind.

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