Roie Benjamin

My Journey

My name is Roie Benjamin and I am 44 years old, divorced, and the father of two amazing children, 12-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl.

The therapeutic being has always been a part of my life, especially as a patient and in recent years I have responded to the inner call within me and decided to devote my whole being to caring and helping myself and others.

By the time I got to the turning point in my life, I felt like hovering on autopilot, without listening to myself or to my needs. Despite taking the familiar route of an army, officer, bachelor’s and master’s degree, marriage and children, success in this way, was actually expressed in a lot of internal frustrations, a sense of loneliness and constant dissatisfaction.

Ever since I remember myself thinking alone, I remember holding the thought that there is something here beyond what the eye can see and that I have the ability to connect and realize things that I still do not understand or even know they exist.

The birth of my eldest son stimulated a sense of responsibility inside me and out of it grew a deep and inexplicable urge to learn, read, explore and experience a variety of areas related to growth and healing in an attempt to help myself and those close to me. I started reading a wide variety of books in different and varied fields oriented to mind and spirit.

My journey began with searching for answers to almost every area of my life in order to re-understand the different realities in which I lived in. I began to question the obvious from vaccines to my child, continued with diet and lifestyle and ending with conventional treatments for myself and my family. While searching I found that the place I am in, is not the exact one for me. The work is not enough, my marriage is going downhill, I have medical problems like kidney stones and a herniated disc (which also included calcification, canal stenosis, vertebral fracture and nerve tension) and most importantly, I realized I was seeing life from a perspective that was not accurate for me.

Doubt brought with it long processes of change, in every area of ​​my life, which up to this point was driven by fears and trying to escape from coping. Escape from dealing with both physical and mental pain.

The healing process began from the moment of doubt and I felt that along the way, I was releasing my fears from the past and making room for a new wave of change. I had the need to change, to see things differently, to feel them differently and the changes in my reality were not long in coming. First of all, I started breathing differently, I changed my lifestyle, my diet became vegan and without alcohol and I learned to understand what my body needs.  I changed the way I think and manage my life and started taking care of myself, something I probably forgot to do so far or more I ran away from it. And now, out of my own fears and anxieties about something unfamiliar, something unknown, I have found the path for change and personal growth.

From personal experience came the insight that solving all problems lies in the emotional aspect. I realized that pain comes to help us release the emotional experience and then the body knows how to heal itself. The search process included many of my experiences as a patient in various holistic alternative therapies while healing the body and mind in the process. I started learning and collecting various healing tools and methods like Reiki, Medical Massage, Western Acupuncture and Circular Breathing. I learned to recognize and connect to the forces of nature through working with different herbs. All this, along with conscious breathing exercises, meditations of various kinds and shamanic therapies. I was able to release the pain on both planes simultaneously, both physically, in full recovery from herniated disc and kidney stones by maintaining my accurate connection to source and ignoring background noises.

After more than a decade in the safe and pampering high tech environment I chose to listen to my inner voice that kept pushing me forward and the need to explore and learn overcame my fears until I decided to respond to the call. From the place where I received treatments from others, I saw myself turning from patient to therapist. The decision focused me on the desire and ability to help people with similar issues and gives me a sense of satisfaction. I am on the other side of the treatment bed, helping and assisting people with various medical problems and in particular those with back problems and herniated discs. As part of a holistic process and with the help of the tools I learned, I allow the patient to find the source of the problem and increase the healing processes in his body, which contributes to a significant improvement in his lifestyle and helps relieve pain both physically and emotionally.


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