Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants and herbs have been widely used in various cultures for thousands of years to cure and prevent various diseases and problems in the human and animal body. Combining herbs during the various alternative therapies helps and supports the treatment and improves the quality of life for the patient. The use of the different parts of the plant varies between the plants according to the composition of the active components in them and includes the use of roots, leaves, branches or flowers. The removal of the active ingredients is possible in a variety of ways such as infusions, infusions, heating and evaporation, extracts, powders and pills. There are large differences in the body’s absorption capacity between the various methods and in the number of active ingredients in them. Each plant can contain dozens of different components that connect together and affect the body, internal systems and various organs. Connecting several plants together creates a formula that can treat a wide range of problems.

Many herbs form the basis of Western drugs that are either in their natural configuration or chemically produced in a laboratory.

Proper use of different types of medicinal plants can help the body with a wide range of problems such as helping to reduce inflammation, pain, disinfection and reducing infections, and of course returning nutrients to the body.

Anyone can enjoy and use the immense power inherent in plants right in the comfort of home. You can consume the plants directly, you can make a brew (tea) and drink them, you can infuse them in oils and use the oil filled with various nutrients and you can use concentrated extracts or essential oils. Each of the options brings the healing properties of the various plants directly to our bodies.

The list of plants on the site are ones that I had good experience working with and their strengths clearly passed from plant to body. You can go through the various plants, find the ones that are most effective for you and start putting them into daily use in our lives.

List of plants:

Black Pepper