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That you fall asleep easily and sleep well

That you wake up without any pain in your body

That you feel happy and satisfied with yourself

It’s not a dream, it’s definitely possible

It’s time to take back the power into your own hands!

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The body knows how to heal itself, pain and sickness are here for us to learn and improve ourselves

How can I help you?


Medical Massage

Medical massage enables deep work on Muscles and pressure points which encourages reducing pressure, improving blood circulation, improving range of motion and flexibility, and significantly reduces regional or localized pain. The treatment is suitable for a variety of problems such as chronic muscle pain or injury related or strenuous training, muscle strengthening and flexibility, pain resulting from various physiological problems, muscle or tendon inflammations, problems and limitations in movement and mental stress. The treatment allows a significant reduction in pressure and pain from the very first treatment.


Dry Acupuncture

Western acupuncture is a new and effective technique for treating muscle pain, chronic pain and sports injuries by applying acupuncture techniques to the muscles and tendons. Dry Acupuncture combines knowledge from Western medicine including anatomy, physiology and neurophysiology. It works on the muscles and tendons in the pain pathways, improves blood circulation, awakens the body to heal and rebuild muscle tissue, helpful in reducing pain and improving range of motion. The response to the treatment is usually quick and noticeable. Results can be seen even after a single or a small number of treatments.

Transformational Breathwork

Transformational Breathwork

Transformational Breathwork uses a wide variety of breathing techniques and practices suitable for every person, regardless of their personal or health condition. It enables training and strengthening the respiratory muscles, especially the diaphragm, encourages the release of traumas and fears from our past and balances the nervous system. The training is based on breathing practices from a variety of traditions and combines personal work with one-on-one practices. With the help of long breathing sessions, deep learning and release are possible with accordance to patient's abilities.

רועי בנימין

Roie Benjamin
Transformational Breathwork

I came to the world of breathing after a long journey of personal development and I fell in love with it from the first moment and since then I have been practicing and working with it on a daily basis for over 6 years.

My path was full of medical problems during my adult life which included a herniated disc and fractured vertebra, kidney stones and emotional crises such as divorce. I was focused on tasks and automatic work without really listening to my body and mind. The disc herniation was the last blow in which I realized that a change was necessary. From a young age I experimented with a wide variety of alternative treatments, some of which were more effective and some less so. One thing characterized all of them, a dependency on the therapist was developed, the problem wasn’t really solved and therefore I felt that a different type of treatment was needed, one that would restore my strength back to me. Fortunately, I was exposed to the wonderful world of breathing.

The body started to be aware of my breath which became an integral part of my daily routine. I felt that the more I persevere in the practice, the more I manage to release emotional experiences and with them all the medical problems also disappeared. I realized that the solution to all physical problems lies in the emotional place. As time went by, I felt better even in everyday life and for the first time in years I felt happy. I’m back to being active in sports and I’m in the best shape of my life.

I learned various healing techniques such as Reiki, medical massage, western acupuncture and circular breathing. I connected to the powers of nature through working with different medicinal plants and studying clinical herbalism. I was trained in conscious breathing practices, different types of meditations and shamanic treatments.

Based on the knowledge I gained and my personal work, I created Ray of Breath Space where I lead treatment processes for the pain of life and train people for self-love. I treat Transformational Breathwork that enables work on the physical, mental and emotional aspect while focusing and releasing the root of the problem.

You are invited to experience and discover a magical world of breathing that will allow you an experience of liberation, cleansing, peace and love at levels you will not experience with the help of any external supplement. Simple, accessible and found in your body, the breath. Breathing is the key to entering your inner world, to leading processes of releasing experiences, increasing self-healing of the body and regaining control over your body and mind.

What choose Transformational Breathwork?



No need for external aid, only the use of our breath



Can be used anywhere and anytime



A wide variety of exercises for different situations



Relieves stress and anxiety, heals and releases traumas and restores the flow of energy to the body



Improves the respiratory system in general and the diaphragm muscle in particular and heart rate



Improves focus, alertness, creativity, mood and concentration, physical abilities, regulates and calms the nervous system

Why do we feel this way?

Our body, down to the level of a single cell, remembers all the experiences we have had since childhood and they affect the way we think and subsequently our emotions.

Sometimes we hold ourselves back and keep the pain inside instead of letting go and releasing it.

About 95% of our actions and decisions happen automatically based on past patterns when most of them we don’t even notice or don’t really understand why we chose the certain reaction.

We collect negative experiences and behaviors that accumulate in the body that affect our thoughts, feelings and behavior.

It is possible and we can create the change right now!

The key for real change, that deals with the root problem and allows release and acceptance is in our breath

Our body is able to deal with any problem and it is only a signal for us to observe it and create change

Breathing exercises are the most effective and available tool for releasing unresolved experiences, reducing stress and tension, dealing with fears, increasing focus and creativity, improving body function and self-healing

We are not a victim of circumstances and we have the power and tools to create any change we want

Breathwork is a powerful tool known from different and ancient cultures that today also received the scientific foundation and recognition of Western medicine

How does it work?


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