Reiki is an alternative treatment method performed on the energetic level of the physical body by touch or without. Reiki is an ancient treatment method that uses the universal life energy, which is abundant in the universe, to help the patient and his body wake up and enter a state of increased healing. The treatment enhances an energetic balance state in the body, which is also reflected on the physical balance because of the strong connection between the body and the mind.

The treatment helps with the physical aspect of problems such as pain, blood pressure, attention and concentration, and with the mental aspect of the body such as a felling of relaxation and calmness, lowering stress and tension, anxieties and fears. Reiki allows for treatment of the root the problem and not just its physical realization and allows the patient to make many changes such as changing habits, social behaviours, way of thinking and more. Working on this level encourages the person to higher self-awareness and drives the patient towards personal growth.

The treatment balances and improves the functions of the body on several levels:

  1. Physical
    Soothing physical aches, headaches, balancing blood pressure, treating viruses and diseases.
  2. Mental and emotional
    Helps release mental stress, reduce stress and anxiety, release fears, deal with anger.
  3. Spirit
    Improving communication on the spiritual level, increasing intuition, making growth-oriented decisions and self-realization, developing communication skills.

The therapeutic power of Reiki is in all of us and everyone can practice it’s use. The process requires practice that strengthens and empowers our personal abilities.


The origin of Reiki is in the Tibetan tradition thousands of years ago. Reiki was rediscovered and began to develop in the early 1920s by a Buddhist monk from Japan named Mikao Usui. It was later brought to the West by Hawaii Takata who was a Reiki master herself. The origin of the word Reiki in Japanese is rei = spirit or divine consciousness and ki = life energy, it means life energy directed by divine consciousness.

How the treatment is performed

The patient sits in a chair or lies on his back on a treatment bed, covered with a sheet or blanket. The treatment can be performed with touch or without according to the patient’s choice. During the treatment I will go over a number of points according to the patient’s needs. The treatment lasts between 30-45 minutes. There may be a feeling of heaviness or slight fatigue after the treatment that passes after a few minutes.

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