Enable & Enhance Spiritual Growth

When I decided to take a new and unfamiliar path it was difficult in the early stages to understand what was right for me, how I thought I should treat my body, what to nourish it physically and spiritually. As a result of the information overload today the road can sometimes be cluttered with information, frustrating and exhausting. I definitely believe that everyone chooses their way and sometimes we get help along the way.

In these sessions, a person who chooses to experience the process of change and awakening himself, receives full guidance for the process he chooses. From deciding to change physical habits to dealing with deep and complex emotional processes while doing self-work and deep introspection.

The process is individually tailored to the Being’s necessity and will include close support according to his definition and needs. The treatment will deal with a variety of areas such as nutrition, meditations, yoga, sports, personal conversations, tasks and chores, treatments out in nature alone or in groups, energetic cleansing, shamanic journeys, release of karmic connections and of course any of the alternative treatments I can provide.

In this type of sessions, the main focus is on the person as a whole and will include self-observation of the body, heart and mind while receiving help and providing structure and support.

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