Benefits of breathing exercises

Benefits of breathing exercises

A lot of people who are interested in the breathing workshops that I teach want to know what they actually get out of these breathing exercises. After all, we still have so many tasks during the day and so many things we want to accomplish.

There are quite a few exercises that will help you contain and deal with all the madness, some are better and some are less effective, but in the end, everyone chooses to associate with the one that made them feel best during and after the process.

Conscious breathing exercises are short exercises of 5-10 minutes, they are easy to perform and do not require much effort, just perseverance and dedication. The exercises are not of a high degree of difficulty and usually the process is pleasant to the body and without much difficulty or effort.

The benefits of the exercises are greater than the page can contain because breathing directly affects all systems in the body. I will try to share the leading benefits from my experience:

  1. Enriches all body cells with oxygen O2.
    When we breathe fast in sports activities the oxygen goes directly to use of the cellular respiration process for the production of energy from glucose. While practicing breathing sitting or lying down, the body directs the oxygen to the cells that need it. It encourages tissue regeneration, the formation of new blood vessels, reduces inflammation, accelerates the removal of toxins and other processes throughout the body.

  2. Releases carbon dioxide CO2 from the cells.
    When a certain area in the body suffers from a problem, which is usually expressed in inflammation because it is the healing mechanism of the body, the blood flow to the area is weakens and therefore less oxygen enters and less waste and comes out. Some of the by-products are carbon dioxide. The introduction of a large amount of oxygen encourages the release of carbon dioxide CO2 from the cells, which in excess states causes headaches, heaviness in breathing and difficulty sleeping.


  1. Improves focus and alertness.
    After a short practice the body is filled with a high sense of alertness and focus. Calmness and serenity that resonates strongly and allows us to focus our attention. The enrichment of the body with oxygen contributes but the main work is the fact that the brain is engaged in repetitive action and therefore the body is in a state of calmness and serenity (the parasympathetic nervous system).

  1. Strengthening the diaphragm muscle
    Diaphragm muscle on two important functions in the body
    • Intake of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide from the lungs.
      For this action the Breathing exercises help strengthen the diaphragm muscle and thus help the body with the of inhaling and exhaling process.
      An opposite example of this is when a person suffers from a respiratory disease that weakens the diaphragm muscle and instead of working on strengthening exercises, they are given oxygen and thus weaken the diaphragm even further.
    • Release emotional experiences from the body.
      Our cells have memory and they remember the experiences we went through along the way, some good and some less so. If we do not release those we no longer need, they will influence our behavior in similar situations along the way so we must remove them from our The body’s way of performing this action is using the diaphragm muscle which is designed to unload and release emotional experiences. If we do not strengthen and train it, like we do with our legs that take us everywhere, we will feel the impact in every area of ​​our lives.


  1. Improves the function of the nervous system.
    Our nervous system is very complex and sensitive. It is influenced by external and internal factors. Breathing encourages the work of the nervous system to heal and rebuild and thus encourages regulation and relaxation of the entire system.


  1. Improving the metabolic process in the body
    The state of tranquility in which the body is during breathing exercises allows it to make room for other important processes. One of them is the digestive system. The body produces more gastric enzymes and allows for a higher metabolic process which is also expressed in weight loss.


  1. Assists in emotional processes.
    During breathing exercises the brain disconnects and we change our state of consciousness that allows the body to deal with a variety of emotional problems like stress, anxiety and depression. It allows the body to go into deeper sleep and improves heart rate.


All of the above are just some of the physical and emotional effects that happen in our body when we choose to add breathing into our lives. At the same time, miraculous processes of personal awakening, awareness and the ability to change our points of view to one that serves us on the fly.

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