Our hidden programmer

The Programmer inside us

I remember that from a young age I was very interested in computers and the tremendous power that lies in our ability to write code that creates a program. Writing code that will tell the machine exactly what to do and how to do it always felt like magic to me.

My relentless desire to learn has always led me and as I grew older, I was increasingly drawn to the world of computers both on the technical side of how things work and as a programmer to writing code and creating software.

After quite a few years in the field I realized that the code I want to write is not in any computer and has no internet connection. I realized I wanted to rewrite the software that runs my wondrous body and there I found my true passion and an even faster upload and download link rate.

Along the way I gathered a lot of tools and knowledge through learning from new and old books, different experiences, information on the net, different researchers and teachers. But the big change started as soon as I realized that there are many secrets and superpowers in the human body and I decided to find out as much as I can about them. I realized I knew nothing and there I began to rebuild my life.

It started like any thorough process in dismantling the foundation and beliefs on which I was raised and educated, without any judgment or criticism and with a clear understanding that they are an integral part of who I am and who I want to be. Continued with extensive study (which continues to this day) on how to care for our wondrous system called the human body. How the system should eat, rest, heal itself and how the grip of the body can be released. So slowly and carefully I began to rebuild my beliefs laying the bricks of my home, checking every stone (belief) that it fits the new self I want to be and that it does not harm me or my body.

I realized exactly why I went to study software engineering. I found many similarities between the high-tech world and our wonderful system called the Human Body. I realized that basically our body and especially the brain want to save energy like any efficient system. The brain interprets events according to the beliefs it holds and then runs the appropriate software for the same situation almost automatically and without us having to make any effort on our part.

For example, when someone cuts us off on the road most people’s automatic response is to get upset and sometimes even react. So, in any situation where we feel we have been harmed, if our software holds beliefs of insecurity, it will activate defence mechanisms related to anger, defend itself and a desire to respond to regain power even if it is momentary and imaginary. For responses that harm us and do not serve us, we can rewrite the automated software on which the mind and body are based on. A software is created with an image of experience and emotion that is attached to it and thus the body produces a template for how to respond to each experience. Once we decide to replace that belief and combine it with the knowledge that we can choose how to respond we can rewrite the software that the body is running.

Instead of thinking we are not good or worthy enough even if that’s what we’ve heard all our lives, we can simply replace the record that plays in our brain based on our memories from the past and allow us to have the right energy of gratitude, appreciation and self-love thus rewriting the software that drives us.

Basically, we all got the keys to the newest model of Lamborghini the market has to offer but most of us drive it only using first gear without knowing that there are five more after this one that offers a wide range of options and capabilities.

So how do you do that you probably ask?

The secret lies in the way we breathe and think. In nature it is known that an animal that is in a state of survival will not engage in creation and reproduction. Breathing, with the help of various exercises, allows the body to get out of a state of survival and return to balance. This is how the body can be taught to behave, think and react in the way we choose. As we deepen in practice, we can peel more and more layers and learn new things about ourselves and our body.

If we remain in the thoughts of the past, we will actually live who we were and not who we want to be. Breathing allows the body to enter a state of relaxation where the real magic begins and with the help of positive thinking and various meditation practices one can practice and be who we want to be first and foremost in our thoughts. In a state of anger, impatience or frustration, the heart and mind work no coherent state and we begin to lose confidence in ourselves and our future. Once they are coherent, work at a frequency of love and we live the future we want to be things start to change.

The body does not know what is happening in reality but is basing his experience on the thoughts and feelings produced in response to each situation. It is important to allow the body and thoughts to be in the frequency of love and thus things will start to change in the present reality of our lives.

The change is based on training the body to work in a different way than it has been used to until now. We all experience crises during the day, the question is what do we do in these situations and how fast do we get out of them. If we do not release the feelings and thoughts connected to the software we hold, it can resonate in our head for days and even months or years.  This causes our character in the present to be connected to the being of the past.

A simple exercise that anyone can do at home to understand the change that happens in the body when we allow it.
Start the day by lying on your back with your eyes closed, relaxing your breath and shifting your concentration to this moment while thanking and appreciating the good you have in life. The brain waves will change and the body will activate the autonomic nervous system that allows healing and connection. The practice can be performed for about 5-10 minutes accompanied by soothing sounds.

Once we practice the work on a daily basis, we will begin to see the change happening and how the body chooses more in the future than in feelings of the past. It is a skill that can be learned and as we invest more in ourselves, we will discover the tremendous impact it has on our body, thoughts and feelings that arise during the day.


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