My Breathing Experiences

My Breathing Experiences

Hello my friends, I want to share with you how breathing practice has affected my life.

As you all know, or not, I have made a sharp transition in the last year from the world of high tech to the world of alternative therapy. I decided to put the emphasis on listening to my heart and dreams and what has been a side occupation in recent years has become the main thing.

A lot of people have told me recently that I have the courage to take such a step as a divorcee with two children but I did not feel that the step required courage or effort.  But for me it was a clear process that felt it was the right time and that I was due. In the past taking such a decision for such a significant change would have taken a long time, accompanied by fears, hesitations, wasting energy on unnecessary thoughts and loss of passion and motivation after a short time.

One of the main reasons for the big change that happened is my decision to incorporate breathing exercises into my daily routine.

About a year and a half ago I decided to practice conscious breathing on a daily and weekly basis (reversing) and from that moment a miraculous process began. The body began to be conscious of breathing. I saw how it changes according to the situation and the emotions that the body expresses. I was able to balance the sensations with the help of a higher awareness of proper breathing. The overall pace and pressure went down as I persisted in my breathing and felt how fears and traumas, I had held from the past, were released.

From the very first month I felt the positive effect that breathing has on the body and mind but nevertheless I felt a great resistance exerted by the mind that does not like processes of change. Once it got used to it the feeling changed from resisting to a fun and enjoyable experience of breathing and release.

Persistence in breathing on a daily basis strengthened the body’s sense of security in the ability to release experiences rather than hold them. I felt how in every practice, things I go through on a daily basis, that would once bother me for days and sometimes weeks or months, would get an answer or a solution, quickly released from the body and mind and never again employ the mind.

My physical abilities improved, which was reflected in an improvement in physical fitness, a feeling that more air entered the system and it was easier to breathe. I felt awareness and a high energy level during the day and deep experiences held in body and mind were occasionally released during the daily and weekly exercises.

Along the way I learned many techniques of conscious breathing exercises and still felt how during the exercises my body guides me and teaches me additional exercises and different forms of work. It felt like the body already knew them and was just trying to guide and remind me. Persistence not only changed my daily being but also helped me to deepen myself and my breathing.

I want to invite you for a taste of a magical world that will allow you to reach places and feelings that you will not experience with the help of any external supplement and everything is in your own body. Breathing is the key to entering your inner world and regaining control of your body and mind.

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