The power of thought

The power of thought

One of the things we were taught from a young age is that in order to achieve or change something we must invest in material and action in order to get there. We are in one state of consciousness and we are trying to move to another state of consciousness which is expressed in a certain result. For most people the way they choose to change the material is through the material which includes trying to control the situation, predict what will happen if we act one way or another and fight. The problem is that it puts us in a survival mode. It takes time to make a change in thought, beliefs and the body itself.

We recognize the gap between our desires and reality and try to push the material and ourselves even further thinking that this is how we will get there faster. The problem is that the more we try to push and accelerate the process, the more inverted emotions we create that emphasize our distance between where we are now and where we want to go. These emotions make the body release chemicals like adrenaline that causes the body to enjoy the situation and thus becomes addicted to these negative emotions, sets the behavior and prevents us from release them and progress. There is actually a situation where the body is addicted to a situation that it does not want to be in and that’s why change is so hard.

How does the conditioning work?

The emotions arising from our thoughts are the communication method of the body. Thoughts are the language of the mind and emotions are the language of the body. The way we think and feel determines the state of being we experience.

We hold unresolved experiences and problems from the past regrading relationships with other people or ourselves, which occupies the mind and is experienced in the body. The mind does not know to distinguish whether the experience is real or not and responds emotionally to thoughts that arising. Every time the thought comes up and we experience it, the body wires itself through the genes. It has been found that the thoughts based on stress and survival (that activates the body’s sympathetic nervous system) are the ones that create the genetic changes that trigger diseases. In such a situation we are actually sending the genes messages of stress, fear and anxiety and their quality is impaired and so is our ability to produce proteins in the body. We actually create an endless damage to the body and the body responds with further production of those thoughts so that we feel a never-ending loop.

Getting out of the loop?

We need to create a situation where we re-teach the body to think and respond. Instead of the body going into automatic flight mode and dragging us into a future where we do not want to be in because we are preoccupied in the past, we have to deal with the only place where the result is unknown in advance. This place is the present. This is the only place where the mind and body are free from conditioning.

Once we change the way of thinking and begin to create and change from the emotional or spiritual realm, we can see change begin to happen. The way to do this is to put the attention away from the body and the immediate environment that produces all kinds of emotional experiences. We will release the long-standing conditioning that we are our body or our identity. This is definitely not an easy operation but with practice and faith it is definitely achievable.

We need to change the focus in our lives, get from a certain place to nowhere, release the dependence on the familiar past and the expected future and live in the present. If we do this correctly, we can reach a place of full consciousness where we shift our attention from the third material dimension in which we live to an energetic dimension that unites and connects the physical world. In this dimension we can create by combining high intention and emotion simply by listening and being present in the moment. We become the vortex that creates, regardless of time and space. This is how we will attract exactly the experience we need in order to progress and improve ourselves. Where we focus our attention is where our energy goes.

Living in the present moment

The experience in reality is unknown. If we knew how it would end, it would have become known. The adventure and realization in the present, is the experience in which we need to put our attention on. The obvious conclusion from this is that in order to create change we must release future plans and memories of the past and simply be present in the moment.

We may feel that it raises a lot of resistance and fear from within. The reason is the result of many generations and the conditions that made us think we are imprisoned in a world made up only of matter. One must understand that the world is composed of physical matter and energy that creates it and connects it to the environment. Once we succeed in creating the connection and synchronization between the heart and the brain (Energetic and physical), a change is created in the body that affects the biology, neurology, chemical status, hormonal balance, gene regulation, improving brain and heart functioning.

The basis of working with the body in the energetic dimension is backed by science and physical processes that take place in the body. Our thoughts produce emotions according to our beliefs regarding the thought and the brain transmits commands for physical actions to the body like the release of chemicals in order to respond to the feelings and emotions that arise. Peptides and hormones convey messages and activate circuits in response to the experience we feel. For example, if we feel unworthy, this is what the brain will experience and it will release appropriate chemicals in response, balance and adapt himself to the situation. Whether the experience is realized in reality or not, the mind does not know the difference. The body releases adrenaline in situations of stress and distress and if we experience or think we are experiencing this condition the body will respond accordingly. If we think positive thoughts that we are infinite and have no limit to what we can experience and achieve that is exactly how the body will behave. These changes are scientifically measurable and proven and the difference in body condition can be seen after a few days.

Exercising our body and mind?

We need to accustom the body by work and repetition. Get the mind and body used to, sometimes forcibly, fake it till you make it, producing the thoughts and emotions we want. Do this with the help of a simple morning Thankfulness practice after waking up from a night sleep and just before getting out of bed and starting to be overwhelmed with thoughts and tasks of the day.

After waking up we stay lying in bed and say thanks for all the things we are appreciative for in our lives. Thanks for getting up in the morning, for the roof over our head, for our health (even if it is partial), for our family / spouse / children and for everything that makes us feel good. The idea is not to go over it like a shopping list but to think about a topic and experience it and feel the emotions that arise in us following these thoughts. A short practice of two minutes just before starting the day can make a big difference in our life.

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