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Experiences I go through during my treatments and workshops show me important lessons. It is both exciting and surprising to see the amazing and fast processes that patients go through.

The story I want to share today, with his approval of course and without identifying details, was experienced by a 22-year-old guy with a challenging past that included the loss of his father at an early age and difficulties in moving to Israel.

I met the guy for the first time the night before one of the workshops I did in the reserve service during a meeting with several soldiers. I shared during that evening, my approach to the reason why we experience what we experience, about the miraculous journey I am going through with the use of various conscious breathing exercises and reversing and I told him some of the crazy things I went through following these breathing exercises.

His experience was exceptional in my eyes also in terms of the intensity of the experience but especially because he went through things only from practicing 4 short breathing exercises of 7-10 minutes (we did not manage to get to reversing in this workshop).

Described in his own words:

“After a few minutes of breathing I was discovered before me a little demon like elf who was running fast around my body. He showed me how he controls half of my body and tells me what to do and how to behave. I was very scared at first but he looked cute and just wanted to play. I asked him who he is and what is he doing Here? The answer was clear, what do you not remember you called me when you were little and asked me to take care of you? I was shocked and the memory of meeting him for the first time jumped straight into my head.

This is where the first practice ended and I regained consciousness but I felt the presence of the elf with me even when my eyes were open. In addition, I felt that I was having conversations with him in the process.

At the next practice he invited me to his house and there my eyes darkened. He lives in a dirty and filthy house, with dirt on the walls and a horrible smell. I offered him to clean the house and together we started to sort out all the mess. When we finished arranging the house, I painted all the rooms for him and the house looked amazing.

In the last practice we went for a walk together in nature, we were in an amazing place full of trees and tall plants as far as the eye can see. We ran, jumped, played and I felt happiness like no other I have ever experienced. At the end of the process, we merged together and became one entity again and the elf disappeared forever. “

It may sound like a science fiction movie or like an experience of psychedelic drug, but it’s just breathing. Our brain produces along the way some patterns to protect itself from certain situations. The described demon like elf could be replaced by any animal or inanimate thing known to us from our world but the idea remains the same.

We produce a character in our subconscious as a result of an experience or trauma we went through to protect us from an experience that the mind chooses not to deal with at this point. This character accompanies us all the time and most of us are not even aware of it at all because the processes happen in the subconscious mind even before we have had a chance to pay attention.

Breathing exercises allow the release of thoughts and the control of the mind and allow the mind to release and overcome past experiences.

From my experience as a therapist, I see how easy it is for the younger generation aged 20-30, to connect to their inner voice and release past experiences and traumas easily and quickly. This may be because of the fast pace to which they have become accustomed since childhood and it may be that they are wired and programmed differently from us. For me it just opens up the possibility that even older people can achieve the same results. It reinforces the perception that the only thing that prevents us from moving forward and releasing these experiences is us. Once we do the right things, facing and slowly releasing our fears, no matter what age and what you have learned along the way, anyone can release and create for themselves the future they want to live.

Feel free to join for an encounter with yourself like you have never known in the Breath of Heart workshop to get acquainted with the world of conscious breathing.

We meet on Thursday 16.6.22 at 18:30 in a stunning location in Moshav Rinatia.

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