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Back Pain

How can back pain manifest?

We usually live a life full of events and tasks and often put our bodies in many extreme situations. Muscle pain in general and back pain in particular are a result of extreme conditions the body was subjected to such as stress, strenuous work, neglection of a problem, lack of sleep, injuries, physiological problems and more. They are a signal from the body for us to notice that there is a problem in a certain place and are inseparable from the body’s natural healing process.

The pain can be from mild to sharp in fixed places when the frequency between the pain waves varies. The pain can last for several days and disappear but can sometimes last for a longer time period. without proper support to the body, it will be struggle to perform the healing and recovery process.

Reasons for the formation of the problem

Of course, we can review all the conventional causes known in the medical world such as disc torus, herniated disc, spinal canal narrowing, fracture, injury and more. In addition, there are some the cases where there is no noticeable problem and the person is still experiencing back pain like a person with a physical problem.
The problem of finding a common cause for the same end result forces us to think about the causes of the problem from different perspective.

The causes and circumstances can be divided into two layers:

  1. On the physical aspect we can find a wide range of physical problems but there are also many cases without a specific physical problem in the body. Based on this information, it is important to understand that the realization of a physiological problem in the body does not require its realization in pain reflected on the body.
  2. On the mental aspect where it has been proven that stress, tension and lack of sleep create the same effect on the body’s muscles and create a state of muscle contraction, which causes a limitation in movement and sometimes even acute pain conditions.


The body physically expresses the energy it experiences on the mental plane and thus the strong connection between the two is created. Many studies have already demonstrated the connection between body and mind as each of us experiences how a stressful and busy day significantly affects our body condition and function. In order to improve the condition, we must also work on the physical part of the body and stimulate it to heal, but equally we must make changes in the mind to prevent this condition from recurring later.

How the pain is manifested

Usually in a situation where there is an outbreak of pain, we will experience a lot of pain and high sensitivity in the area. This can lead to a feeling of paresthesia or falling asleep in other limbs such as hands and legs, causing movement impairment, inability to perform simple daily activities and even reaching an extreme state of weakness or local paralysis.

In situations of persistent pain in the area, the pressure and tension on the muscles can last from a few days to a few weeks depending on the severity of the condition. Painkillers have mild to no effect on the condition except for particularly strong drugs that we will prefer to avoid as much as we can.

Possible solutions

It is our body that ultimately performs the healing. There is no other drug or alternative treatment that solves the problem in the body. They all help the body deal with the situation and help it get back to its natural healing state as quickly as possible.

The aid can be implemented in self-work on issues such as nutrition, sleep and rest, strengthening and stretching muscles, relieving stress, etc. We can also assist externally in a variety of alternative therapies that support the body’s healing power. The treatments enable releasing stress from problematic areas, treating the emotional source of the problem, strengthening and supporting the body’s work using medicinal herbs.

Preserving the body’s condition

After treating the body, releasing the state of stress it has been in and returning it to a state of balance and self-healing, it is important to emphasize on our behavior and habits in order to help the body maintain this state of healing over time without the need for further intervention.

  1. Maintain high awareness of our body – try to learn to know your body better, be aware of its capabilities and limitations. We may have to change some habits such as how we sit, how and how much weight we lift, how we perform exercise and sometimes whether we perform it at all.
  2. Strengthening and maintaining the back and neck muscles – regular work by performing sports activities in general and working on the lower back and neck muscles specifically to relieve the load in these areas. In addition, it is important to use yoga or stretching exercises in order to perform the opposite action from working on strengthening the muscle and it is stretching and restoring flexibility and elasticity to the muscle. It adds to the muscle’s ability to work properly, heal and re-build.
  3. Creating a safe work environment – No matter if we work in an office or work in the field, we need to adapt our work environment. On one hand we are in a place where we are comfortable and on the other hand create a situation where the environment is safe and allows us to be in the right positions.
  4. Direct connection between body and mind – Because of the understanding that the body and mind are one, we must re-examine and look at our daily habits and make adjustments as needed. Changing our thinking habits and behavior patterns can lead to a significant change in reducing pain events until they disappear completely.

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