Roie Benjamin

Healing physical and emotional pain as a tool for creating change

Back Pain

Creating a new reality free from pain

If you, too, are tired of suffering from back pain, limitations in movement and disruption in your daily function, you came to the right place.

The beliefs that the problems in our body will disappear especially in situations of herniated discs or that one has to live with the pain are not true.

There is no need to wait for the pain to get aggravated or for the problem to worsen and become chronic.

There is no need to live on painkillers or undergo surgery.

Spinal disc herniation, bulging Disc, nerve problems such as radiation and numbness (sciatica), lower back and neck pain, headaches, and sports or job-related injuries can be completely overcome.

My name is Roie Benjamin and I specialize in treating orthopedic problems such as herniated discs and radiating nerve pain (sciatica) which helps in relieving and releasing physical and emotional pain and improving quality of life.

I use physical and emotional pain as a tool for healing and creating change that treats a variety of pain issues (upper back, lower back, injuries), autoimmune diseases, stress, tension and more. Working with a variety of tools such as western acupuncture, conscious breathing, medical massage therapy (pressure points), reiki and more. I aim to find and focus on the root problem in the physical and emotional levels, while releasing the experience and pain completely from our bodies.

Healing physical and emotional pain in a unique approach and holistic mindset

Your roadmap for creating change and letting go of the pain

Looking at the body and mind as a whole

Working naturally on the body without the use of drugs and without side effects

Proper sleep position including pillow adjustment

Proper posture and aptness of your work environment

Using breathing as a tool for release and healing

Nutrition and exercise adjustment


Don’t wait until the pain is unbearable – you do not have to live with the pain.

You can visit the clinic or setup a treatment at home.

How can I start?

  • Call 053-4533761 or leave details in the form below.
  • Schedule a date for a diagnostic appointment at the clinic or at the client’s home.
  • Customize a treatment plan and get going

There’s no need to live with pain

Pain is the brain’s interpretation of an electrical message that travels through the body’s nerve fibers when they detect nerve damage. The experience of pain varies between each person which makes the interpretation unique to that person and requires early understanding to define its intensity and tailor treatment. Pain can be interpreted as a physical experience as pain in a particular muscle or area and can be expressed emotionally as distress or mental stress. Although the brain has received the message the body sometimes continues to send this message and we need a physical action on the body in order to release the area and reduce or eliminate the feeling of pain.

The pain can come from a wide variety of events such as a chronic body problem, sports or other injuries, physical / mental stress, improper body use, environmental pollution and sometimes without any apparent physical cause. Regardless of the external cause there is always a direct connection to an emotional cause, so we must do the work simultaneously on both levels. Intense and / or persistent pain creates limitations in the body’s daily ability to function and can even affect social behaviour when the body has difficulty performing activities that were normal in routine, in addition various emotions that arise as a result of the situation create a feeling of stress and may aggravate the pain.

The goal of the treatment is not to “put a band-aid” and temporarily solve a local problem but to find the root problem and deal with it in a focused way on the physical and emotional level and thus release the experience and pain completely from our bodies and lives. The variety of treatments allows access to the source of the problem and helps both in the physical aspect to significantly reduce pressure and pain and increased blood flow to the treated area and also in the mental aspect in locating the source, dealing with it and releasing it from the body.

The goal is that from the first treatment we will formulate an exit strategy in which we mark the purpose of the treatment, how the body’s condition can be improved and how to keep it maintained over time. We will learn how to utilize the self-healing properties of our body through Western acupuncture, circular breathing(rebirthing), medical massage and other tools that can be practiced independently. The process requires great cooperation on the part of the patient and can include behaviour  change, thinking, habits, and routine preventative actions.

Remember that everything that happens passes and tomorrow is a new day.

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