Breath of Soul Practice

תרגול נשימה לנשמה

After learning about the power of breathing we need practice in order to preserve and improve the abilities of the breath and the diaphragm muscle and release every day and past experiences. Daily breathing exercises definitely do the job but from time to time it is also recommended to perform a full circular breathing practice. After experiencing, learning and gaining confidence in conscious breathing exercises it is usually possible to perform the exercise alone but from my personal experience the experience feels easier when conducted in a group.

I will provide you with the space and atmosphere you have become accustomed to in the rest of the workshops so that you can get the most out of each meeting. A protected space in nature alongside a lit fire that will maintain the frequency and consume everything we no longer need.

Technical Details

The session will take place on Thursdays near Hod Hasharon area at 19:00. Appointment is required.

The Breath soul practice provides a space for circular breathing practice is at a symbolic price of NIS 198.

The workshop will take place every Thursday out in nature next to a fire near Hod Hasharon and will last about two hours, appointment is required. Exact details and location will be sent before the event.

During the evening refreshments and hot drinks will be served.


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Phone 053-4533761



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Waiting to see you for an unforgettable experience.

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