Breath of love seminar - 21.8.22

Breath of heart workshop

I invite those who choose to make a significant change in their lives, to get out of the routine into the breath of love experience that will provide a variety of tools and enables a process of self-discovery, healing and personal growth.

8 fascinating sessions in which we will use the most powerful tool we have, breathing, to awaken the mind and evoke real and meaningful changes in life. We will regain control and ownership of our body and mind through experiential practice of different breathing techniques.

Together we will go through a process that combines growth, changing habits, regaining control of the body and awakening the mind with the help of various tools from the world of conscious breathing. We will awaken the body to the release of unresolved experiences or traumas we hold from the past and return the body to a state of balance and healing.

And most importantly you will receive important and powerful tools so that you can preserve the results that will be achieved in the process and continue to develop yourself by self-work.

what’s the plan?

We will meet every week on Thursday at 18:00 for three hours in a magical corner in nature in front of a fire. We will enrich the knowledge and receive a variety of tools while doing different exercises in conscious breathing and circular breathing exercises in each session.

  1. Introduction
    A meeting in which we will get to know the group members in depth and experience circular breathing – reversing.
  1. The world of breathing
    We will experience a variety of short breathing exercises for daily practice that will help in releasing experiences and changing habits.
  1. Fear and pain
    Together we will understand the meaning of fear and pain in our lives and learn how to carry out internal processes that will change the way we manage and react to experiences.
  1. Self-love
    We will create the belief base of self-love that will allow us to discover the strengths inherent in each and every one.
  1. Limiting beliefs
    We will discover how beliefs we hold affect the thoughts that arise in the mind and the emotions that the body experiences. We will practice how to change them in personal work.
  1. purifying or cleansing and release
    We will learn how to cleanse and release experiences from the past with the help of various energetic tools available to everyone that will change the way we receive.
  1. The power of now
    We practice how to be present as a spectator and observe from a clean place without judgment the experiences we go through.
  1. Sounds movement and graduation ceremony
    We will learn to work with sounds in our inner work, meditation, dance, breathing or in any situation that requires an energetic change. We will finish with a graduation party into the night.

What will you learn?

Working with the breath in daily exercises or circular breathing helps the body enter a state of self-healing by disengaging from the control of the thinking brain, increasing the work of the parasympathetic nervous system, releasing experiences naturally, changing beliefs and points of view, releasing blockages and behavior patterns, raising energy level and vitality in the body and a feeling of happiness and love.

I will learn how through practical practice that activates cellular memory how to use breathing to achieve complete control over the body and mind. We will know how to work with the thoughts and feelings that arise during the day and how to release any problem or experience from the past that interferes with our behavior and thinking today.

Technical details

The Breath of Love seminar for experiential and in-depth study in conscious breathing costs NIS 3,500.

The next workshop will start on August 21, 2022 on Mondays in changing locations in the center area at 18:30 and will last about three hours, exact details and location will be sent ahead of time.

During the evening refreshments and hot drinks will be served.

For registration or more details contact me

Phone 053-4533761 / 054-5377779


Waiting to see you for an unforgettable experience.

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Breath of Heart Registration - 21.8.22