Fear and pain as a compass for healing

Fear and pain as a compass for healing

We all experience and deal with feelings of fear and situations of pain during the day.

The instinctive response we were taught was always to run away from them because they are a warning signal.

As I learned and tried to figure out how to take care of myself and my body, I realized that my premise was wrong.

No matter how much I change my diet, the air I breathe, how many supplements I will take or how much I will be fit.

If I do not change the way I think and feel nothing will change.

If we live our lives when our fears manage us and our choices, the whole body will feel this experience regardless of what is done in the physical world. The result was manifested in me in physical pain which I tried to avoid almost automatically with the use of every possible painkiller until it also did not help.

After a herniated disc that almost completely paralysed me, I was able to change the way I think and make decisions. The reason was that whenever I tried to escape the fear or pain, I might have gotten relief for a short while but over time they always came back stronger and more resilient.

Instead of running away from fear and pain that accompanies it, we must deal with them and release the experiences that made them appear. There is a good reason we meet them along the way. They come to show us where are the places that require our attention for release, fixing our reference point and choosing a new one that serves us.

I refer to them as a compass that shows me where the easiest and shortest way is to release the software I have collected along the way.

Why software you ask?

The brain is a survival-based organ and therefore works in efficiency mode for energy preservation. If he had to rethink how to respond each time, the amount of energy that would invested for every simple actions would be enormous and he would not be able to survive. What do you do? Write software, yes just like on a computer. Create an automatic response to similar cases and respond accordingly. Most of the programs were written when we were in our mother’s womb or as small children and some during our adult lives.

We try to ignore problems until they so big that we have no choice but to pay attention to our body. Whether it’s something physical that bothers us or something emotional that picks our brain and does not let go. Both are situations that directly affect our wellbeing and our ability to continue in daily life without addressing the many signals the body gives us.

There is a phrase that says “Everything Happens for A Reason” in several versions and in a variety of cultures and religions that basically means that everything comes in the appropriate time and it is always for our benefit and I relate with it very much.

Every situation in life comes to our advantage, our job is to choose the right reference point for our growth, learning and release.

For example, a person who is in a relationship where he feels miserable, it is not because he deserves to suffer. On the contrary, the events come so that we can experience, learn and change our thinking following the events. This way we can learn and improve with every step and experience we go through. The solution is always inside, in the person’s ability to distill the thoughts and feelings that came as a result of the fear and deal with the real problem and not the symptoms that arise as a result.

How to start?

Small steps are always my choice.

Begin by diagnosing our physical and emotional state, examining where it affects us on a daily basis, deciding how we want to be and beginning to take small steps to teach the body to think and feel differently.

Some find the drive for change, like me, after a herniated disc or other unusual event that directly affects their lives and forces them to wake up and produce immediate change and response.

Some come when they feel stagnation or dissatisfaction with their lives and want to create change.

And some come because he understands that unresolved experiences control us by thoughts, feelings and reaction.


I offer you a first diagnosis and treatment meeting at an introductory price of 250 NIS.

I will diagnose the physical and emotional state you are in, understand where you want to go, and see how you can get there in the best way for you.

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